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The Wilbert Group at PR News’ Video Workshop in Washington, D.C.



On Facebook people spend five times longer engaging with video content than they do with static images, stated by eye-tracking research conducted by Facebook. While a great picture is still worth a thousand words, a great video may be worth five thousand.

And it’s not just Facebook. Seventy-four percent of all web traffic will be video-driven this year, according to data from Syndacast.

That’s why we’re focusing big-time on video at The Wilbert Group this year, investing in people, equipment and training to help our clients tell their stories. Recently, my colleague Nick Banaszak (a former broadcast journalist who has brought his considerable video storytelling skills to The Wilbert Group) and I traveled to Washington, DC, to attend PR News’ Video Workshop at the National Press Building.

We got great tips on production, post-production, audience engagement and how to go live on various platforms. We discussed best practices for video, platform by platform. Here’s a quick look at what works well on each:


  • Up to 85 percent of all video watched on Facebook is watched without sound, so what your video looks like is much more important than what it sounds like.
  • Regular uploaded videos can be up to 45 minutes long and live video can be up to 90 minutes (not we recommend that).
  • The most successful videos on Facebook either have an emotional hook or they teach people something, such as how to cook a meal.


  • For most people, the maximum length is 140 seconds. Some influencers can post longer video.
  • Shareable, short videos that provoke a conversation do well on Twitter.


  • The length must be between four and 60 seconds.
  • File formats: .mp4 or .mov only
  • The content should be aesthetically pleasing and trendy


  • Videos can be 10 seconds maximum.
  • Even as a brand, you want to be humorous on Snapchat and make video feel as though you are documenting your day

And when we weren’t brainstorming about how to most effectively use video on our clients’ social channels, we managed to find time to post on our own. You can’t go to Washington, D.C., without taking (and sharing) a picture in front of The White House after all!

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