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Digital Updates: Tech News to Know


We’re all about keeping up with the digital world at The Wilbert Group and leveraging the newest technologies to help our clients tell their stories. Here’s the latest:


#1 Brands are using Snapchat as a digital marketing tool.

Snapchat is huge with the millennial set, and brands like haute couture giant Burberry are using it to promote events and products, including their spring 2016 collection. Fans were invited to follow Burberry on the photo-sharing app to enjoy a virtual front row seat at London Fashion Week, where the line premiered. While there are sophisticated live-streaming apps like Periscope, Snapchat is a smart choice for brands seeking to give a large range of consumers a peek into their inner workings and a preview of what’s to come. With 100 million daily active users, Snapchat has a wide audience and is easy to use. Other brands frequently sharing Snapchat stories to the masses include Taco Bell and Major League Baseball.


#2 Facebook is trying to lure journalists away from Twitter.

Twitter has become the news platform du jour, with a whopping 62 percent of users reporting that they have gotten news from the site. As such, it’s become the social home for many journalists looking to share or hunt down scoops. However, Facebook is trying to change that trend with Signal, a free newsgathering tool that makes it easier for journalists to find the content they want. The tool offers a dashboard where journalists can follow hot topics and track public perception, factors that could also be helpful for PR pros looking for emerging trends. This initiative comes on the heels of Instant Articles, another news tool from Facebook, signaling that the social network is committed to edging out Twitter as a news source.


#3 Twitter users can now pay with tweets, thanks to a partnership with Square.

Twitter is aiming to increase customer engagement through a partnership with mobile payment company Square by allowing users to make political campaign donations and buy products directly with a tweet. The new feature – cleverly dubbed “cashtag” – requires users to visit a site to enter debit card information once. After that, they’re free to make payments with a few clicks. This lucrative initiative will likely bring a variety of retail partners to Twitter.

Digital Updates: Tech News To Know


We’re all about keeping up with the digital world at The Wilbert Group and leveraging the newest technologies to help our clients tell their stories. Here’s the latest:

#1 Twitter is looking to acquire another social media network. In February, Twitter acquired live-streaming app Periscope. Now Twitter looks to add to its arsenal again with an offer to purchase the article-sharing app Flipboard. The series of talks began in January. While the deal is currently on hold for unknown reasons, it is estimated that Twitter will spend roughly $1 billion in an all-stock deal to purchase the app. This is significantly larger than the $100 million deal to buy Periscope, which has gained a huge following and looks to be a new power in the social media market.

#2 Who are the “Verified Users” on Twitter? We’ve all seen those Twitter accounts with the small blue circle with a check in it and not really known what it meant. These accounts are authentically verified to be a key individual or brand on Twitter. This is done for accounts that will most likely have fake accounts created posing as that person or company. As of May, about 150,000 accounts are verified, which is roughly .05 percent of all Twitter accounts. Approximately 25 percent of verified users are journalists, and media outlets make up about 7 percent. Even with that small slice of the pie, media outlets dominated all other categories in the number of tweets they put out.

Verified Twitter Account

Verified Twitter Account

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 12.26.53 PM

No blue mark, parody account

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 12.34.35 PM

Another fake, no verified mark












#3 Snapchat wants you to shop through them. Snapchat added a money transfer feature to its app back in November and now it wants you to put it to good use. Snapchat is investing in Spring, a shopping app that launched last year to integrate with its current messaging app. Snapchat has been focusing on promoting events and concerts around the country, so adding the ability to purchase tickets or merchandise through the app makes sense. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other large social media networks have also added a “buy” feature to get more people to use their e-commerce features.