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Award Winning Clients


by Adina Kalish

Clients at The Wilbert Group don’t just get treated to a white-glove public relations experience that gets them featured in the press, they win awards! Our team of professionals is highly skilled at researching the right industry awards that highlight the extraordinary work being done in all areas of our clients’ businesses. Whether it’s securing a spot on a featured panel, crafting an engaging story of a new opening, details of a successful business transaction, or operations behind a special event, The Wilbert Group finds the perfect award to fit the project.

For the past several years, The Wilbert Group has worked on submissions for our client, North American Properties (NAP) on the prestigious MAXI Awards, presented each year at the International Council of Shopping Centers’ (ICSC) meeting. And we’re pleased to say that in 2014 NAP was the recipient of four MAXIs.

How? By being strategic. Want to do the same? Follow our top five tips for writing award entries that win!

1. Start with the story. Every award entry must captivate a reader from the first sentence. Set the scene. Create the visuals. Grab the reader and assume he/she knows nothing!

2. Set up the situation. Be clear with why you’re submitting an entry for this category by succinctly stating the scenario, the challenge or the goal of the intended award.

3. Be specific. When getting to the meat of your submission, make sure you detail exactly how you achieved your results step by step and which key players were involved.

4. Get accurate figures to support your results. Back up your entry with precise figures. Whether it’s numbers of people at an event, dollar amounts spent on a campaign, or statistics that support your story, numbers are impressive.

5. Celebrate the PR hits. Did the word get out to the right influencers? Print? TV? Bloggers? Make sure you keep track of all the fantastic press you got for your client so you can highlight this in the entry.

Five Highlights from the Best of Atlanta Awards


by M.C. Rhodes

Lisa Gordon of the Atlanta BeltLine accepts the land deal of the year award. Photo credit: Atlanta Business Chronicle.

Last night I got the opportunity to attend the Best of Atlanta Real Estate Awards, presented each year by the Atlanta Business Chronicle. It was my first time at the awards, and I was impressed to see all the great development going on in Atlanta.

The night consisted of networking, a talk from keynote speaker Henry Chamberlain and a presentation of awards in a variety of categories presented by the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

Here are five highlights from the event:

#1 Networking with Atlanta’s power players. It was great to be in the same room with so many of the major players in Atlanta development. As a young professional, I look up to those that have established themselves in the industry before me. Networking is an important part of public relations, and it was great to meet the people responsible for shaping Atlanta’s present and future.

#2 A speech on the state of CRE in Atlanta. The event’s keynote address was delivered by Henry Chamberlin, president and chief operating officer at BOMA International. Chamberlin made an interesting point that four generations of Americans are now in the workforce. He noted how the different age groups are influencing each other and the commercial real estate industry. The notion of how space should be used and the role of technology are coinciding with traditional ideas to shape how we do business.

#3 A new category. The Atlanta Business Chronicle introduced a new category this year: the real estate catalyst award. The award went to the Georgia 400 interchange in Buckhead, a $21.4 million project to provide connector ramps to Interstate 85. Archer Western Contractors Ltd. and Heath & Lineback Engineers Inc. were co-contractors on the project.

#4 Atlanta BeltLine recognized. Another exciting award went to the Atlanta BeltLine’s Eastside Trail, which won the award for Land Deal of the Year for its impact to the Atlanta lifestyle. The Eastside Trail is part of a network of multi-use trails along an old railroad corridor circling the city. It was great to see this project get recognition for its contributions to the public.

#5 The visionary award. It was a special moment to see Blaine Kelley Jr. recognized with the visionary award. The developer had a profound impact on Atlanta’s commercial real estate over the last 50 years while also working as a philanthropist both in the city and abroad.

“I can’t explain it other than to say if you feel you are fortunate in life then you need to share that good fortune with others,” Kelley told the Business Chronicle.