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Perfecting Your Pitches: Tips from The Wilbert Group Pros


As a recent college grad, I came into the working world excited to use the skills I had acquired in school. However, I also was fully aware I still had a lot to learn when it came to the PR industry. Thankfully, at The Wilbert Group I have the opportunity to work alongside industry experts and former journalists who have years of experience building relationships with reporters and successfully placing stories. My colleagues have provided me with tactics to improve my pitching strategy. So for all those who are looking to sharpen your skills, here are some pitching tips from The Wilbert Group pros:

Don’t be afraid to put in extra work: Journalists are always looking for trends, so next time you are pitching, think about the bigger story. Instead of solely focusing on your client, do some research for the journalist and roundup some additional sources or examples of companies participating in the trend as well. Sure, it may be more time consuming, but the payoff will be worth it! Reporters will be more likely to run the story, and they will see you as a valuable insider. Plus, it is a great way to foster partnerships with others in the industry.

Offer reporters a digital tie-in: As people are changing the way they consume media, publications are looking for ways to adapt. Many news outlets have embraced social media platforms (event Snapchat!) to reach their audiences. Know what platforms the publication uses, and personalize your pitches. Many reporters are looking for ways to increase their social media presence, so provide images for Instagram or recommend creating a Snapchat story. By doing this, you can amplify your media hits and help your client reach a broader audience.

Make it personalBlog: Reporters receive hundreds of emails each day, so as PR pros, it is our job to help our client’s news stand out. Often times, that can be accomplished through a well-researched and personal pitch. Go beyond reporters’ beats- find out what they are personally passionate about and spark their interest. Read through their previous work and make sure to tailor your pitch to fit their writing styles. Not only does this method produce better media results, it also allows for more creativity and fun.

Of course, our industry is always changing, so it is crucial we stay on top of the latest pitching strategies. There will always be room to grow, but here at The Wilbert Group, we see it as an exciting challenge.