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Millennials and the news, according to a Millennial



Bisnow is hosting a Millennial Revolution panel this Thursday to take a deeper look at the power this group commands. Forbes recently called 2016 the year of the Millennial customer. As the largest living generation (Millennials are projected to surpass Baby Boomers this year) continues to join the workforce, start families (or not), vote and make major buying decisions, it’s important to also understand how they consume news.

Here are 7 stats to know about Millennials’ newsgathering habits:

  • 69 percent get the news at least once a day.
  • 60 percent rely on social media for staying up to date with the news.
  • 73 percent visit a news brand website to get more information when they see an interesting story on social media.
  • 70 percent say social media feeds are comprised of diverse viewpoints.
  • Facebook is the most used mobile app – with platforms such as SnapChat and Instagram making giant strides (see chart A).
  • On 24 separate news topics, Facebook was the No. 1 gateway to learn about 13 of those, and the second-most cited gateway for seven others.
  • Huffington Post is the most visited source (see chart B).

As a Millennial, I can say my friends and I often find news stories (both hard and soft) through mobile apps on smartphones. When there’s breaking news, we search key words or hashtags to find the latest and greatest news story.

Millennials’ newsgathering habits reinforce the need for news organizations to build their online presence. That includes social media. It also emphasizes the benefits for companies to use social media to share the latest news, events and happenings.

Click here for more information on the Bisnow panel this Thursday, November 19, 2015, which will focus on Millennials’ impact on the “live, work, play” movement.

Chart A, Source: Digiday

Chart A, Source: Digiday

Chart B

Chart B, Source: Digiday