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Five Grapes from the PR Vine


by Leigh Taylor

Following the trend of “short visual bites,” Twitter has released Vine, an app for iPhones that creates six-second videos. NBC News, CNN en Español, The Daily Beast and others are already using the app to give tours of their facilities and capture moments in news.

Vine is sure to take off in the world of PR as well. Just as Twitter introduced the 140-word press release, Vine allows us to share condensed video news releases.

Leigh uses her phone to shoot a Vine video in the Wilbert office.

In an age where video seems to be overtaking written word, Vine combines aspects of YouTube and Instagram for a visual-hungry generation, of which I am certainly part.

Here are five aspects of the app that PR professionals should know:

#1 Vine is Facebook and Twitter ready. Every video you make is set and ready to be shared on social media. Share quick bites from a groundbreaking or speech in real time.

#2 It doesn’t automatically import Twitter followers and connections, which is a pain for clients who already have built a strong following. To add Vine users, you must do so manually.

#3 GIFs, moving images on a loop, have become extremely popular online, Vine allows every user to create GIF-like segments right on their phones, keeping PR professionals hip and current.

#4 Vine posts auto-play as you scroll through the feed, which allows for quick, easy viewing.

#5 Vine will help keep audiences interested. Because of the app’s six-second time limit, Vine offers a great way to tease major announcements. It connects with an audience with an attention span that, in today’s culture, is growing shorter by the day.

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